Monday, October 1, 2012

let's be strong.

5 months into the job.
i'm bored... like hell.
it's not like my job is super senang,
it's not too hard either.
it's just not for me.
not enough challenge maybe.
not meeting new people, maybe.
not stimulate my mind, maybe.

just maybe i'm not good at staying at the same place for too long.
if i had my way,
dah lame aku hantar surat resign.
but then again, i've to think about everything.
mak mesti marah.
ayah mesti dah tak bagi duit belanja.
jadi untuk kemandirian hidup,
haruslah bertabah.
haruslah kuat.
haruslah menahan rasa kebosanan yg teramat.
let's just endure until i found "the one".
the job that is meant for me.

in the meantime,
mari berusaha mencari dan terus mencari.