Tuesday, December 20, 2011


final week.
minggu depan study week.
then, final exam starts.
it's the superfinal for me.
i'm not hoping that i can suddenly get A's in my subjects,
i know what i can do.
i'm just hoping i can pass it. with flying colors is a plus.

and i'm feeling bittersweet.
a year in PJ,
4 years in Gombak.
known lots of people (not many actually....)
have good and bad memories....
ok, stop it.
sile jgn nak emo2 sgt.
semue salah kawan yg post status emo smlm.

btw, sempene minggu2 terakhir (hopefully)
aku kt uia, 
i'll be posting things i like and appreciate abt iium,
my alma mater.....
starting from tomorrow, maybe.
(tu je pic yg agk epik yg aku jumpe skrg.)

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