Monday, October 31, 2011

the book i never seem to finish reading it.....(betul ke ayat nih??)

selamat sejahtera anda semue (^_^)
it's nearly november.
and... i havent finish reading that book yet. 
i'm a fast reader.
sometimes very fast, depending on the reading material.
kalau bende tu complicated, mungkin lambat sikit habis bace.
kalau setakat majalah or buku yg ringan,
it'll be a fast one.
and this book seems to evade my fast reading skill.
i really think 6 months of practical training made my skill blunt.
i bought this book on late may 2011 / early june 2011..
cant really remember,
bought this book sbb terpengaruh dgn kate2 seorang blogger
yg populer mengatekan this book sgt ohsem. 
and in my attempt to vary my reading list (yelah, asyik fiction memanjang)
i bought this book.
5 months later, still tak habis bace.
epic failure in my part,
big dent in my pride.
masih ade suku lagi yg perlu dibace.
well maybe, i should finish reading it during my midterm break
next week.

the one thousand and something pages book i cant seem to finish reading it. 

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