Sunday, March 14, 2010

manga list (1-15th march 2010)

i'm gonna list down some (not all... cant remember all) of mangas i've read during this period.
of course, my weekly dose of bleach, naruto, and switch.
i also read.... kamen teacher ( whee!! it's been a while since i read this... finally new issue coming out). kaichou wa maid sama :))) k-on [ super silly, super funny, it's killing me kuz i cant stop gelak guling2 bc manga ni]
and some new mangas i've just discovered... like mousou kikou adolescent avatar [ agak tak logik and kelakar la gk...] and noblesse [ some kinda manhwa but it's very artful - full colored pages and nice artwork... and super handsome hero (kyaaaa!!!) quite interesting storyline gk ]
though dah dekat final, i'm still spending some time to read manga. hope to discover ( or rediscover back ) some interesting mangas out there... ;)))

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