Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i digg...

i luv reading manga... so much. mostly i read shoujo and shonen, but sometimes tersesat and bace genre lain lak. maybe some people will say tak matang sungguh bg seorang yg berusie 20 thn utk membace 'kartun'. but, sy membantah sekeras2nye. manga is not for kids only. byk je manga yg dibuat utk org dewase ( not that kind of adult-theme ones, i mean...). and i've learnt a lot just by reading manga.
currently, on my reading list are :

1. bleach (my all time favorite... digg ichi so much!!)
2. k-on ( serious super funny and silly... cant stop laughing when i read this)
3. switch (kinda heavy, but have cute moments sometimes - specially with kai...)
4. kaichou wa maid-sama (super cute!!!!)
5. naruto (just to know what's going to happen between naruto and sasuke.... it's been going too long i thought...)

and many more....
cant list them all here...

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