Sunday, October 25, 2009

think b4 doing smthing

current events in my life makes me smile..
senyuman jahat.

got a text from my EX-bestie.
asking me to go out wif her....
i was baffled.
what in the hell did she wants me to hang out wif her....
after she told me that she didnt need me and all that crap i didnt care to remember.
and all of a sudden...
makes me laugh really.
something to learn from this.
do not ever do something, or say something to someone you're close with
without thinking.
especially if you're in a bad mood... angry,sad,annoyed or anything.
just keep whatever you want to say to yourself first,
and think abt the consequences of those things you're abt to say/do
kuz if you just blurt it out without thinking
it may come back to you..

it seems to me that that EX-bestie
is licking her own spit (gross but it's appropriate in this case)
it seems to me that she wants me back as her friends.
and it's not like i'm being unforgiving and vengeful person
but it's hard to be friends wif someone who told you she'd rather be friends wif someone else.
it's kinda weird to me...
even talking to her seems weird to me.
it's worse than talking to someone you just meet.

it seems impossible for me to be close to her again...
even being friends wif her again is unimaginable to me.
i've been trying to avoid her whenever i can.
it's just weird.
we used to be so close, everywhere together...
and all of the sudden, we're not together anymore.
some people ask..
and thankfully (and incidentally) our classes are not the same this semester.
so i used that as an excuse.
some people who knows us or more observant will understand why.

it seems that she's been making some efforts to make up with us,
discreetly (and no apologies apparently,which we are expecting..)
makes me think....
maybe her so called 'other' friends are not as good as us...
or she just missed us...
kuz we used to be like siblings and all that...
and we share almost everything...
she lost a few confidantes by uttering those words.
and now,she wants us back.
and she might not get us back now.

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