Tuesday, October 6, 2009


sy marah...
sy taktau sy marah dgn siape....
tp sy marah.

feel like they're taking me for granted.
carik aku bile diperlukan je.
when they want company to eat kt kafe...
when they want sum1 to walk to pasar mlm wif them
when they hv to go to meetings and tak kenal sesiape....
when they want to do sumthing tp takde kwn nk buat bende tu.

sumtimes i'm thinking,
semue bende yg diorg ajak aku buat...
all that offers, outings, lunches & dinners...
are that really kuz they want me 2b there?
or just merely kuz i'm always free and they need sum1 for company?

and bile i'm alone...and ajak diorang do sumthing,
most of the time it's rejected.
'inferior'ing myself more.
rase mcm i'm worthless.
mcm they all with me kuz i'm the convenient one.
not kuz they really want me.

pathetic kan?
damn btol....
being adults r no fun.
being negative is painful.
not caring is less pain.

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