Monday, October 26, 2009


cant sleep tonite.
so i write..
got nothing specific in my mind right now.
so i just blab.

first on why i cant sleep.
kuz i deliberately drink nescafe.
i knew that i cant sleep when i drink it
but i still want to.
and i knew nescafe hv some side effects on me.
lepas minum mesti badan berangin.
perut masuk angin and cepat lapar.
kalau tak makan b4 minum nescafe,
i will be starve and tangan menggigil.
but still i love nescafe.
i dont know why....
degil betul.

sok ade kuiz.
and i've studied halfway only.
takde mood la nk belajar.
i'm good at procrastinating.
really good.
my lecturer said people who procrastinate are super optimistic people.
is it? it a good thing?
he said no.... but i dont know.
some things hv their pros and cons i guess.

i'm googling and searching for bleach wallpapers.
dont exactly find what i'm looking for,
but i just stick around.
maybe something good will come out.
nk carik more espada pics...
and also vaizaard.
crazy abt grimmjaw and kensei....
wonder if grimm still alive?

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