Sunday, March 8, 2009

just moved..... feelings r mixed right now.... i'm moving to a new place. excited tapi rase sedih plak tinggalkn tempat aku m'besar. anxious abt changes in my life.... we've learn new things here.. learn to adapt to the new environment here. but every clouds has silver linings, setiap ape yg b'laku pasti ade hikmahnye... maybe something good will come out from our move here.
i've just realize, mase tgh packing barang  that my room was a junkyard. almost everything ade dalam bilik aku.. from cutleries to sandals even a dead cockroach!! pening aku nk kemas. in the end aku divide all my thing into throw away bags and keep it bags. setel kerje. hehehe.....
esok satu lagi kerje menanti. kemas balik brg2...huhuu... i hate it. i'm a naturally messy person no matter how much effort i take, me and my things still in a mess... what to do??
anyway, since there's a lot of thing to do... i decided to take one step at a time. maybe start susun furniture, then, wardrobe...books..... and whatever that needs my attention.

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